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Management Team

  • Mr. Song Qing

    Executive Director and the Vice Chairman

    Mr. Song Qing has been appointed as an executive Director and the Vice Chairman from August 7, 2018. Mr. Song holds a bachelor’s degree in Chinese medicine from Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hefei, the PRC, and obtained his chief pharmacist title from the general logistics department of the People’s Liberation Army in April 1996. Mr. Song was the director of China Resources Pharmaceutical Group Limited (which is listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange; Stock Code: 3320) from May 2016 to August 2018, and also its president from June 2017 to August 2018. Mr. Song is the director of China Resources Sanjiu Medical & Pharmaceutical Co Ltd (which is listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange; Stock Code: 000999). He served as an inspection pharmacist of quality inspection department, a pharmacist in charge and the director of production department, the director of the enterprise management department and an assistant to president of Shenzhen South Pharmaceutical Factory, the general manager and chairman of Shanxi Sanjiu Tongda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (山西三九同达药业有限公司) (currently known as Shanxi Tongda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (山西同达药业有限公司)). Mr. Song served as an assistant general manager, the director of technology center, the director of medical & pharmaceutical department of Sanjiu Enterprise. Mr. Song is currently the chairman of China Resources Healthcare Group Limited and also takes the role as the Company’s vice chairman in order to lead the healthcare segment of China Resources.

  • Mr. Cheng Libing

    Executive Director & the Chief Executive Officer of the Group

    Mr. Cheng Libing is an executive Director and the chief executive officer of the Group. Mr. Cheng joined the Group in September 2010 and is primarily responsible for daily operations of the Group. He also served as an executive Director and the vice Chairman of the Group from February 2016 to August 2018. Mr. Cheng served as the deputy general manager of Beijing Huaren Intech Hospital Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (北京华仁英智医院管理咨询有限公司) from 2006 to 2008 and the deputy general manager of Beijing Huaren Intech Hospital Management Consulting Co., Ltd., Beijing Intech Eye Hospital Co., Ltd. (北京英智眼科医院有限公司) and Intech Medical Chain (英智医疗连锁机构) from 2008 to 2010. From 1999 to 2002, Mr. Cheng has served various positions at Beijing Kangchen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (北京康辰医药发展有限公司), including general manager assistant. Mr. Cheng also worked as a resident doctor at Dongzhimen Hospital Affiliated to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (北京中医药大学附属东直门医院) from 1988 to 1998. Mr. Cheng received a Bachelor's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (北京中医药大学) in Beijing in July 1988.

  • Mr. Xu Zechang

    Executive General Manager

    Xu Zechang joined the group in March 2004, and was appointed as executive general manager in December 2016. At present, he is also deputy secretary of the CR Phoenix's Party Committee. Mr. Xu was the dean of Wuxi branch hospital, general manager of Jiangong hospital, executive dean of Yanhua hospital, executive dean and dean of Mentougou hospital, deputy general manager of the group. Before joining the group, Mr. Xu was a physician ofinternal medicinephysician, attending physician, deputy director physician, director and executive director ofGeneral Hospital of PLA and General Army Hospital of PLA.Mr. Xu obtained bachelor degree from Southern Medical University( also called No.1 army medical collegeof PLA) and master and doctor degree fromMedical Instituteof PLA.

  • Ms. Ren Yuan

    Executive Director & CFO

    Ms. Ren Yuan joined the Group and was appointed as executive director and CFO in October 2017. Ms. Ren worked as the deputy manager of the finance department of China Resources Microelectronics (Holdings) Limited from June 2002 to June 2006. From February 2004 to February 2010, Ms. Ren served as the finance director of Wuxi CR Micro-Assemb Tech., Ltd.. Prior to joining the Group, Ms. Ren worked as the consultancy director and deputy general director of the information management department of China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd. since February 2010. Ms. Ren obtained her master’s degree in accounting from Chinese University of Hong Kong in December 2007. Ms. Ren obtained the qualifications of China Certified Public Accountant and China Certified Public Valuer in December 1998, and September 1999, respectively

  • Ms. Fu Yanjun

    Executive Director & Deputy General Manager

    Ms. Fu Yanjun joined the group in December of 2014 and was appointed as deputy general manager and executive director in November 2016 and in October 2017 respectively. Ms. Fu also previously served as the managing director of strategic investment department of the Company, the chairman of the board and the general manager of Beijing Wanrong Yikang Pharmaceutical Company Limited and Beijing Phoenix Jiayi Medical Equipment Company Limited, which are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Company, and the executive chairman and the chairman of the youth committee of the Group. Ms. Fu also worked for Ernst & Young Hua Ming and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu CPA Ltd. from September 2002 to December 2014. Ms. Fu obtained a bachelor's degree in accounting from Renmin University of China in July 2002 and obtained the qualification of China Certified Public Accountant in May 2008.