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Ni Weidong

NAME:Ni Weidong

THE HOSPITAL:Beijing Jingmei Group General Hospital

Ni Weidong is a group leader of B-ultrasound room of function test department in Beijing Jingmei Group General Hospital. He always takes patient-centered as his behavior code. As the saying goes that doctors have parental hearts. He always regards patients as his families, relaxes patients, tries his best to reduce discomfort as well as promoting examination accuracy with his kind smile in examination.  Ni Weidong says that it is his motivation and relentless goal to have patients had more smile, less anxiety, more trust from hearts and less doubts. 

He can always listen to what patients say with smile, carefully and patiently conduct examination, and tirelessly explain to patients when facing to different patients. If the patient is an old people, he comforts the patient  like a son, helps them to turn over and get rid of cloths or hats without a sense of dislike. If the patient is a little kid, he comforts the patient as a father, tells stories and asks the kid to cooperate with him in related examinations. 

The musculoskeletal ultrasound developed under his cooperation with clinical department fills up ultrasound diagnosis blanks of musculoskeletal diseases. Based on the clinical needs, he leads colleagues and cooperate with department of gynaecology and obstetrics to develop complete curettage of uterine cavity under ultrasound guidance, which not only improve economic interests of hospital, but also greatly improve the successful operation rate of clinical doctors. Besides, the fetal 4-D ultrasound, technology of panoramic ultrasound imaging, elasticty imaging techniques and others have received good reputation from doctors and patients. 

In the summer of 2014, Ni Weidong positively responds to the hospital call and applies to support Inner Mongolia Arun Banner People's Hospital. He brought ultrasound technology of Jingmei Hospital to Arun Banner area, and diagnosed many stubborn diseases, like hydatid disease of liver and fetal malformation etc. Under the leadership of Ni Weidong, except for the normal works, Arun Banner People’s Government also built breast, chest, five sense organs, angiocarpy and many new business, which provides comprehensive diagnosis basis for clinical treatment. 

The most noteworthy is that he develops a new business - vascular ultrasound for the local, and timely diagnoses a patient with extremely narrow cervical vessel. Due to timely detection, the patient was recovered soon after operation. This technology is gradually popularized in Arun Banner area, which brings good news for the local patients with vascular disease and greatly improves the local medical levels.  

Ni Weidong's dedication to works and diligent and conscientious working spirits not only affect each colleague around, but also makes outstanding  contribution to steady development of Function Test Department of  Jingmei Hospital in the west area of Beijing city.