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Li Guoqiang

NAME:Li Guoqiang

THE HOSPITAL:Beijing Mentougou Hospital of TCM

The Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology in Beijing Mentougou Hospital of TCM has a good doctor. He is slim and kind. He is busy in the consulting room everyday. His excellent medical skills and accurate diagnosis and treatment obtains recognition from patients. The giant workload and consecutive interrogation give him few rest. He has good medical ethnics and practices. He has a good reputation among patients. He is Li Guoqiang. 

As a doctor with most experience in the department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, he works cautiously and conscientiously. In the past 30 years, he treats patients with the most patience and carefulness, and tries his best to meet the diagnosis needs of patients. Li Guoqiang almost has no time to rest. He can always well arrange the diagnosis order when having emergency patients. He is always the last leaving office to have meals. Before eating, he always makes a examination tour to wards. 

As the successor and leading role of traditional Chinese orthopedics and traumatology in west district of Beijing city, Li Guoqiang works hard. He is not satisfied with the current situation. Under the extremely difficult cases of manpower, financial resources and   material resources, he draws on others successful experience, integrates development trends of the department of orthopedics and traumatology with social needs, and develops towards professionalism and characterization. He proposes two scientific research tasks, which conclude valuable experience in technical innovation. In order to improve treatment and relieve pain and economic burden from patients, he first promotes traction therapy to cure fracture of distal radius. He forms his own treatment characteristics based on experience of predecessors, which is to lay equal stress on muscles and bones and have patients and doctors cooperating with each other. Meantime, under the strong support of hospital, Li Guoqiang builds a inheritance office in department of orthopedics and traumatology, and absorbs 7 excellent young doctors to inherit bone setting massage, medical ethnics and culture of traditional Chinese medicine. 

Li Guoqiang often refers to Xu Sanduo in TV series "Soldiers Sortie". He thinks that Xu Sanduo seems like stubborn, ignorant and stupid, but what that is behind is respectively insistence, determination and concentration. The spirits that Xu Sanduo have are well verified by him. He strives for pragmatic spirits, and proves to us by his deeds that only dedication and implementation can earn trust and have efficiency and good performance in whatever industry or position.  

In the 30-year dedication to work, he always treats his patients with sincere and loving heart so that to leave himself a peace mind and patients healthy. He is selfless and kindhearted. To be a good doctor is his lifelong pursuit. His excellent medical skills and lofty medical ethics support a life oasis for endless patients with bone fracture.