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Xia Jiyong

NAME:Xia Jiyong

THE HOSPITAL:Mentougou District Hospital

In more than 20 years career of practicing medicine, he always devotes himself to clinical medicine. He treats patients in meticulous manner and keeps improving his medical skills. He feels that all his endeavors and devotion are worthy when lives are saved from death line and smiles come from grateful patients and their relatives. He, Xia Jiyong, is the leading role of department of neurosurgery in Mentougou District Hospital. 

At the beginning of 2013, Xai Jiyong accepted great trust from hospital leaders. He started to prepare and establish department of neurosurgery in Mentougou District Hospital after that. When the department was first established, Xia Jiyong formulated various rules, regulations and diagnosis and treatment rules in detail, provided standards and basis of top three hospitals for young team, and trained professional quality and dedication by words and deeds. His goal is to lead medical workers to gradually improve the department of neurosurgery to be a leading specialized hospital in west district of Beijing with complete, systematical and advanced hardware and software. 

Under the leadership of Xia Jiyong, the vigorous young team accomplishes hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage, hydrocephalus, brain tumor, endonasal transsphenoidal approach in surgical treatment of pituitary adenomas, brain aneurysm, cerebrovascular malformation and a series of challenging operations. In 2014, the department conducted 198 major and minor operations including more than 50 neural interventional procedures and conducted neurosurgical clipping of intracranial aneurysms, endovascular embolization of intracranial aneurysms, stent implantation for vertebral artery stenosis, stent implantation for carotid artery stenosis, ventriculo-peritoneal shunt, anastomosis of EC-IC blood vessel of moyamoya disease, spinal tumorectomy for the first time. The department has came up to the internal advanced level and received trust and recognition from Mentougou district. 

In order to further provide conveniences to diagnosis and treatment of patients with stubborn diseases, Xia Jiyong actively establishes a green channel of expert consultation and operations with departments of neurosurgery in Tian Tan Hospital, Friendship Hospital and Beijing Military District Genereal Hospital, which solves emergency treatment of cerebral trauma, cerebral hemorrhage, brain tumor and other diagnosis and treatment problems that has bothered Mentougou district patients for years and earns best diagnosis and treatment time for many lives. Finally, neurosurgical procedures of patients from Mentougou district can be conducted in hospital near home. 

The value of life is not to have an earthquaking grand career. Xia Jiyong interprets professional dedication as a leading role in department of neurosurgery through diligent and conscientious working attitude, and sets a model who is faithful in the performance of his duties and loves his own work for all the young medical workers by words and deeds!