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Li Hongxia

NAME:Li Hongxia

THE HOSPITAL:Mentougou District Hospital

Li Hongxia, a nurse head, was assigned to work in a health center of Mentougou district after graduation in 1984. The street-level hard life conditions and overworked working environment lay a firm basis for his future nursing career. In 1988, she was transferred to work in internal medicine of Mentougou District Hospital. She has been working for the hospital for 27 years. In her 30-year nursing career, she keeps working in the first line of clinic, and escort for the health of each patient with love and responsibilities.

In 2000, Li Hongxia held the position of head nurse of department of cardiology in District Hospital and earned affirmation from patients with practical and serious working altitude. In 2003, in the face of an epidemic of SARS, she chose to work in the SARS battlefield as the first batch regardless of her personal security. She successfully accomplished her glory task of blocking SARS and fulfilled sacred mission of angels in white by her solid theory basis, fearless working altitude and excellent command. 

In 2009, the Ministry of Health proposed a "demonstration engineering activity of high-quality nursing". Under the leadership of Li Hongxia, she explored an overall rationing system of primary nurse with nurse team so that to strengthen responsibilities and work initiative of nurses, change passive service to active service by converting the past  indifferent calling manner  to warm calling manner, and provide comprehensive nursing services to patients.  In order to enhance basic nurse, Li Hongxia leads her team to assist patients in dealing with daily trivial matters every day. As most patients in department of cardiology come from mountainous areas or rural area, long distance away from home decides that she individual staff cannot be taken away after discharging from hospital, which causes the patient bed unit to be more messy. However, under the consistent and tireless endeavors and repetition in organizing and cleaning of Li Hongxia and her nurses, the ward environment of department of cardiology is effectively improved and the satisfaction rate of patients is also greatly promoted. What's more, there is a quantitive leap in nurse service consciousness, working altitude and nursing quality. 

Along with the conversion of nursing modes, establishment of study-based nurse team becomes the basis of department development and promotion. Every time when there is new business or new technology development, Li Hongxia is always the first one to master. After that, she formulates corresponding standards, procedure and nursing routines, and leads all nurses to jointly study and promote. Under her leadership, comprehensive nursing capabilities of this department are fast promoted. 

Li Hongxia has involved in countless significant rescue and assisted in accomplishing thousands of catheter surgery for years. She makes a great contribution to the development of cardiology and is a nurse model in Mentougou District Hospital. Being linked with health and trusted with life, Li Hongxia blends noble professional ethnics and humanistic care into daily care and interprets holiness and pure of "angels in white" by deeds in every minute!