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Chen Anliang

NAME:Chen Anliang

THE HOSPITAL:Yan Hua Hospital

When mentioning the name of Chen Anliang in Yan Hua Hospital, everyone is filled with admiration for his strong sense of professionalism, high sense of responsibility and hard work; No one does not highly praise of his simplicity, integrity, and unselfish conduct. He devote himself to the clinical diagnosis and treatment work of general surgery department, taking the career as life, treating patients as his relatives, explaining the vocation of surgeon who saves lives and serves for the people with ordinary deeds.

He is dedicated to the hospital, full of enthusiasm for serving patients, whether it is wind and rain, fierce winter and summer, or it is late at night and daytime and rest or night shift, as long as patient need, he is on call, No complaints.

Chen Anliang often warns his colleagues: “clinical work must be due diligence, everything is centered on the patient, treating the patient as the mission, a clear conscience, never loss to patient’s trust.” Since graduating in 1988, he has been working the first line of clinical surgery of Hospital, and completed thousands of various surgeries and completed thousands of endoscopic examination and treatment. He can both do surgery and be proficient in endoscopic technology, a scalpel, a mirror, consolidated scalpel and mirror, like a tiger with wings. Even so, when facing to problems in the usual work, director Chen Anliang is always humbled to seek advice from other experts, continues to learn and master new knowledge, new technologies and new therapies and understand the new developments in surgical development, accumulate the new experience.

At the same time, he firmly believes that a single flower does not make a spring. He takes great train to teach and trains dozens of young doctors become the backbone of the business. And willing to green leaves, and actively support colleagues to carry out new business, such as cancer interventional therapy, peripheral vascular surgery intervention. It has not only filled the gap in the hospital, but also solved the suffering of the patient, and received good social and economic benefits.

As the director, Chen Anliang sets an example, be severe with oneself and lenient with others, strict implements the rules and regulations with scientific management, the department has made great progress in the work. He is not afraid of risk, courage to undertake, regardless of which patients have problems and postoperative complications occurred, he always rushes in the first line, careful treatment, communicating with the family of patient and resolving numerous disputes.

The gold medal is not as good as the patient's praise; Gold cup silver cup is inferior to patient's word of mouth. Chen Anliang who possesses the comprehensive technology, medical skills, with noble medical ethics, he uses practical action to make himself become a famous doctor of Fangshan area and wins the trust and peer respect from the majority of patients.