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He Jingyi

NAME:He Jingyi

THE HOSPITAL:Jiangong Hospital

He Jignyi is a nurse of the department of neurosurgery, anus and intestine survey in Jiangong Hospital. During her years of nursing works, she always insists on patient-centered principle, carefully fulfills work responsibilities and accomplishes duties with full-hearted passion. 

In the summer of 2014, the department of anus and intestine surgery received and old patient with terminal malignant tumor and dyscrasia. When being admitted to hospital, the patient was covered with feces all over, and many pressure sores and rancidity. The patient’s families were resistant to stay nearby. At that time, there was no single room available due to limited beds. The patient has to share a room with other two patients who instantly requires to change ward after acknowledgment. As a teacher, He Jingyi voluntarily worked with nursing workers, washed and cleaned the patient over and over. As this patient had difficulties in eating and did not clean teeth for a long term, oral cavity of the patient had plenty of food debris which were very smelly and disgusting. Therefore, He Jingqi carefully cleaned food debris in oral cavity of the patient by using a tweezer. After oral nursing care, He Jingyi started to change the medicine for pressure sores. Even though the patient was suffered from disease pain, the patient felt better and showed us a smile after our nursing work. However, He Jingyi was drenched in sweat and was too tired to straighten his back. All the endeavors cannot stop death call. Finally the old patient quietly passed away. He Jingyi wrote in her diary that,” even though I cannot save their lives, I am filled with endless sense of satisfaction and achievement in my heart because I can help the patients to get human dignity back.”

Reviewing the past 2014, as a teacher in united inpatient ward, she knows her significant responsibilities. The nurses are young and lack of wroking experience, but what they face is acute and dangerous patients. Therefore, it is essential to enhance emergency processing abilities and emergency nursing skill training relating to acute and dangerous patients of nursing team. At he year beginning, she formatted suitable teaching training plans. She paid attention to basic knowledge training as well as training relating to specialized nursing skills. He conducted personalized teaching and policies of experienced nurses cooperating with new nurses. She standardized all operations and explained common existed questions together by personnel demonstration. Meantime, she continuously  followed feedback opinions on teaching, improved her teaching methods and promoted her teaching quality, which played a good leading model in our department. 

Nursing work is ordinary and great. The ordinary comes from subtle and specific working contents and the great comes from care and extension of lives. He Jingyi using her passion to serve patients and spirits of devotion to work influences all her colleague around. She will certainly continue to compose a moving chapter about nursing career.