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Wang Shixin

NAME:Wang Shixin

THE HOSPITAL:Mentougou Hospital for Women and Children

Priority on ideological work, take charge of the construction of new hospital, develop by innovation and party building and take the lead for ensuring safety, He, Wang Shixin who is the deputy secretary and vice president of Mentougou Hospital for Women and Children. Since he came to Mentougou Hospital for Women and Children as a vice president in 2013, President Wang Shixun adapted to the new working environment quickly. Despite he was in charge of many works, he continued to work in an orderly manner, and got the unanimous approval from leaders and colleagues.

President Wang had a strong sense of innovation, after Mentougou Hospital for Women and Children joined the Phoenix Medical Group, he continued to explore and make unremitting efforts in the new situation to further promote the development of the hospital.
He was in charge of the work dutifully. Since he came to Mentougou Hospital for Women and Children, President Wang was responsible for the construction of the new hospital area, from the building acceptance to the decoration design, from the bidding and purchasing to the installation of equipment, all the work is involved in the new hospital, regardless of big or small, he participated in the whole work. People can always see him running between departments, even if he is ill. His hard work is to ensure that colleagues can move into the new hospital area on schedule.

Last New Year's Eve night, he gave up the opportunity to reunite with his family and inspect the whole hospital with colleagues who was in charge of security ensuring no appear fire accident during the holidays. He went to the new site after inspection was over, by the time he got home, it was o'clock in the morning and the family had fallen asleep.

Although the work was burdensome, Wang Yuan Chang still focused on the communication with the colleagues. Taking time to talk with colleagues and listening to the voices of workers to understand everyone's ideas. He often visited the old party members, retired workers and the needy worker and solved practical difficulties for them. He also visited every inpatient staff personally, and treated colleagues as relatives. After learning about the family difficulties of some of the major health workers, he sent consolation money to the staff in time. And he went to the general labor union coordination of district many times to win the relief for the sick and poor workers.

He also attaches importance to the construction of hospital culture and advocates workers to participate in volunteer service activities actively, all of which enrich the amateur cultural life of workers, improve the enthusiasm of workers and enhance the cohesion of the hospital and centripetal force of the staff.

He is the leader of the hospital and close friend of the staffs. He is indifferent to fame and fortune and dedication. To be a Guiding light of the workers, he continues to work hard for the stability and development of the Mentougou Hospital for Women and Children.