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Sun Aimei

NAME:Sun Aimei

THE HOSPITAL:Yan Hua Hospital

Sun Aimei was assigned to Yan Hua Hospital after graduation in 1990. Now she is a director of nursing department in Yan Hua Hospital. She has engaged in nursing for more than 20 years. She willingly bears the burden of hard work and loves her career. She is promoted to a nursing administrator from a normal nurse and successively holds the position of head nurse in internal medicine, ICU and CCU. 

Being a director in nursing department does not need professional nursing knowledge, which needs a certain managing capacity. Sun Aimei pays attention to team promotion. Aiming at uneven technical quality of nurses, Sun Aimei trained them from the most basic “three fundamentals” covering the basic skills and internal quality, and required them to nurse in a right and careful manner. Besides, she also took advantage of her spare time to learn advanced nursing and became one of a few nursing undergraduates in the hospital at that time. 

In work, she always insists in patient-centered. Except for the regal nurse, she can also nurse in special cases. One time, there was a HIV-positive patient who had asthmatic syndrome, she immediately provided sucking sputum treatment. As plenty of sputum sprayed out from tracheostoma, there were many sputum spraying to her face. She took the risks of being infected, continued to serve this patient and cleaned herself after the patient had steady state of illness.  

She always sets herself as an example for others. Every time when there are critical patients,  she always take nursing responsibilities before others. As patients in ICU and CCU cannot be taken care by their families, and the related daily nursing can only be accomplished by medical staff, she often educate nurses to try their best to provide the top-level nurse for patients and help the patients to have recovery. Under her lead, the medical ethics and practices in all departments has a fundamental conversion. One time, the department received a patient from nursing home. As the patient was completely unable to do anything and a laid-off worker, the patient families did not want to take care of the patient in the hospital due to disliking the patient adding too many life burden. After knowing the fact, she led the general nurses to provide careful nurse in 20 days when the inpatient accepted treatment in the hospital until the patient discharged from the hospital under improved conditions. 

In 2013, when the hospital conducted JCI recheck, Sun Aimei led all nurses to learn standards and implement standards so that to ensure security of patients and proper nurse. At that time, she led head nurses to work in daytime and to learn at night. She improved the working deficiencies and perfected nursing procedures. Her contribution of Yan Hua Hospital passing JCI recheck has been confirmed by the hospital. 

This is Sun Aimei and her nursing team. In ordinary working days, they send away recovered patients one by one. Now, all the inpatient wards of Yan Hua Hospital have been upgraded to wards with high quality nursing. Each patient can have reliable and good service here.