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Liu Xiaofang

NAME:Liu Xiaofang

THE HOSPITAL:Jiangong Hospital

Liu Xiaofang has been a model both in subject construction and scientific management ever since he comes to Jiangong Hospital. As a director in the department of gastroenterology, he was continuously thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of department. He proposed a development direction of combining transition and  dislocation competition by integrating subject characteristics. “Transition” means to provide more value-added service aiming at specialized diseases, and “dislocation competition” means to develop the characteristics of gastrointestinal endoscopy by cooperating with close departments not directly competing. This innovative ideas have had the department of gastroenterology obtained a good and continuous development in specialized subject construction, patient kinds and many other aspects, and been successively awarded "advanced department" for years. 

Liu Xiaofang attaches importance to echelon construction and talent training. He always insists on recruit and train staff from the aspect of scientific development. The team doctors are never less than eight, which can ensure the strict transaction of three-level ward round system as well as medical security. The department also formulates training plans for each doctors so that to realize endogenous development model of doctors. Besides, Liu Xiaofang formulates new performance indexes and a bonus distribution system for performance assessment, which makes that department of gastroenterology accomplishes each quality control index with good results in the latest years and is awarded as a advanced department of medical care. 

Liu Xiaofang is also responsible for administration of endoscope room. He strictly carries out construction of endoscope room, which has the hospital realized great leap-forward development in endoscope equipment, diagnosis and treatment numbers, project developing and many other aspects. All the aforesaid realization have a close relationship with strict management of Liu Xiaofang. In 2014, the hospital implemented 3300 endoscope diagnosis and treatment. Comparing to previous year, it adds almost 30%. The department develop painless gastroscopy, capsule endoscope, endoscopic ultrasonography and many other endoscope works. The endoscope room purchases advanced large endoscopic ultrasonography equipment and gradually develops diagnosis, puncture and treatment (which are now in initial stage in many top three hospitals). The quick endoscope appointment, mature painless endoscope, rich endoscope experience in the aged and other characteristics have attracted more and more patients for hospital. 

Without brave words or earthshaking deeds, Liu Xiaofang creates the extraordinary with his wisdom in each ordinary day. He will certainly continue to lead the whole department to stick to dreams for patients, the team of department of gastroenterology and the whole hospital.