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Cui Li


THE HOSPITAL:Yan Hua Hospital

Cui Li is the director of department of gastroenterology in Yan Hua Hospital. Being led by Cui Li, the department has developed from nothing and  steadily made progress year after year for ten years. Each year, the department conducts about 3000 times endoscopic diagnosis and treatment. Besides, projects relating to painless endoscopic diagnosis and treatment have been funded by Capital Medical Research and Development Fund.

Cui Li strictly carry out talent cultivation. When the department was first established, she is the only one who can use gastroscope and  colonoscope. Under her step-by-step training, now there are five doctors with high qualifications in the department who are skilled in conducting  and standardizing gastroenterological endoscope diagnosis and treatment. 

Cui Li pays attention to treatment quality of patients and takes it as a standard to assess doctors in this department. Besides, Cui Li pays attention to treatment feeling of patients. The department has finished thousands of painless endoscopic diagnosis and treatment and trained a team with tacit understanding since 2004. The department tries its best to eliminate treatment pain with the premise of ensuring patient security and timely detect early lesions to strive for diagnosis and treatment chances for several cancer patients in early stages. 

Cui Li has insisted in learning for years. She attaches great importance to improve self professional skills. In 2006, she received a master degree and she was tutored by Professor Zhang Shutian, a famous digestion and endoscope expert. Besides, she used three years to systematically learn basic theories of Chinese medicine in China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, where she was tutored by Professor Shi Zaixiang, Professor Tang Xudong and other famous doctors in Chinese traditional medicine. Now she has the capacity to apply Chinese traditional medicine to solve intractable epigastric pain, abdominal distension, constipation, insomnia and other illness that has trapped patients with chronic depression based on western medicine diagnosis and treatment, who has got credit from many patients. 

Active education and prevention first are the principles that Cui Li has been insisted on during her clinical work. The treatment theories of Chinese traditional medicine are extensively used by Cui Li in her clinical application. Chinese traditional medicine states that the main function of liver is to govern emotion, so the depressed or irritable patients are easily to have peptic ulcer, CG(Chronic Gastritis) and other gastrointestinal system diseases. In this case, mood adjustment guided by Cui Li plays an active role in promoting disease recovery. 

The other principle that Cui Li insists on is to help patients to build right concept on disease. In modern society, there are many diseases that are closely related to life styles, dietary habits, sleeping conditions, emotions and other factors. Under Cui Li's patient and careful education, many patients consistently add their attention on physical and metal conditions, actively change their bad lifestyle and cooperate with doctors' treatment, and build confidence in overcoming disease. 

Being linked with health and trusted with life, Cui Li has an unaltered belief on respecting life. The praise from patients and their relatives are her motivation to work hard. Cui Li thinks that, as a doctor, she will try her best to constantly fight disease with patients.