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Yu Chunxiao

NAME:Yu Chunxiao

THE HOSPITAL:Jing Mei Hospital Group

She, bright eyes always full of smile; she, dynamic short hair sprinkles with enthusiasm and diligence; she is Yu Chunxiao who works as pneumology department director of Jing Mei Hospital Group. As her name, warmth of spring sunshine, shimmer dawn, Yu Chunxiao always brings warmth for her patients and lights up her team.

For the patients, she can not only use the superb medical treatment to relieve the suffering of their body, but also use salutary and gentle comfort to soothe their painful torture of the soul; for colleagues, both she can lead to carry out new technology and care about everyone's work and life like family.

As the director of the department, Yu Chunxiao faces to a lot of complicated administrative work every day, but she does not ignore the clinical business. Take the recent development of refractory asthma for bronchoscopic thermoforming technology as an example, in the beginning, she organizes the department to study and leads everyone to go out and inspect many times, which develops a good knowledge reserve for the smooth development of new business.

Whenever there were serious patients in the department, she was always worried about them, and she often called to ask about their illness. At a time, a critical patient was received the hospital, Yu Zhuren almost went to the ward and asked about the patient’s illness every day, and repeatedly organized preoperative discussion to assess the feasibility, the possible risks and coping strategies of surgery. On the day of the operation, she guided the whole process. It was more than eight o 'clock in the evening. She waited until the patient's vital signs were stable. The patient said happily that decades had never been as smooth as it is now, and I was full with confidence in the rehabilitation with great care the director and other health care workers.

As a department leader, she also pays attention to team building. Under her leadership, the Department of Respiratory Medicine in medicine, teaching, research, technological innovation, personnel training and other aspects has been ranked in the forefront of the hospital. She led the team to take the lead to establish breathing laboratory in the Mentougou area, carry out allergen detection and desensitization treatment and adhere to health education of bronchial asthma for more than ten years. In 2009, she led the team to overcome the difficulties, using bronchoscopy instead of diagnosis and treatment technology of medical thoracoscopy, and then gradually pushed the trachea interventional technique, successfully access to the endoscopic level 4 surgery. At present, Yu Chunxiao also led her team; the local interventional operation of argon helium knife guided by CT was carried out for lung tumor, Remarkable results have been achieved.

Over the years, she adheres to working method of innovative ways and maintaining a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients. It has been her tireless pursuit of goals and ideas to achieve the good pattern of patient, health care workers and hospitals tripartite wins.