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Wang Xirui

NAME:Wang Xirui

THE HOSPITAL:Airport hospital

Wang Xirui,Airport hospital endocrinology,for more than 20 years, it has faithfully performed the sacred duty of medical personnel.As a general practitioner rooted in the grass roots, he respected every life for decades, and harmony with the patient, and won the trust and praise of the vast majority of patients.

" health department, life entrusted ".From the moment of devotion to the medical profession, Wang Xirui knew very well the mission of being a medical worker.As an endocrine white workers, the clinical front line of work so that he every day to face the suffering of chronic diseases torture face.What he heard was a groan, and what he saw is impatience.But he always remember the mission of career, not only efforts to alleviate the pain of the patient, more attention to their psychological needs, to communicate with the patient heart to heart.He considered the economic conditions of the patient, and sought to achieve the best results in the most economical treatment.He with a sincere smile to reduce the patient's concerns, with cordial greetings closer to the patient's distance, with patient answers and the best treatment so that patients easily home.

May 2011, he overcome the lack of personnel, equipment and other difficulties, as the director of endocrinology, is responsible for the endocrine department of the building work.As the head of the department and subject leader, he has a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility.Leading the general practitioners to improve the quality of medical care and provide quality services to patients.The system standardized treatment of diabetes, the diet, exercise, drugs, education and disease monitoring guidance for patients with diabetes.

In addition, he also attaches great importance to the overall business quality and medical technology improvement.On the subordinate physicians in strict management at the same time, selflessly "pass the band."We carry out business lecture and ward guidance in department.To urge the young medical and nursing staff to grow rapidly.He also insisted on improving the medical quality management system, strengthening the internal quality control, and will effectively improve the medical quality reflected in every case.With the joint efforts of general medical staff,the departments continue to develop and grow.Since the establishment of five years, no medical dispute or medical accident has happened, and has maintained a harmonious doctor-patient relationship.

As a professional doctor in the Department of endocrinology,he's always focused on high blood pressure,

diabetes mellitus,thyropathy ,and metabolic bone disease and other chronic diseases diagnosis and treatment, never slack off.While doing good treatment, he also pays more attention to the health education for patients.He actively organizes health education classroom activities in the hospital, especially for the knowledge of common diseases such as diabetes, thyroid and hypertension, and so on.And lead department staff to free blood glucose, blood pressure monitoring, for them to distribute health knowledge materials.At present, the director of Wang Xirui has more than 300 patients Micro friends.

Wang Xirui is only a grass-roots worker in the medical profession, the patient satisfaction is his most simple work goal and pursuit.In that ordinary job, he used his own learning, with the silent dedication and sweat, to alleviate the patient's disease and pain of the road has been working.