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Cheng Yubo

NAME:Cheng Yubo

THE HOSPITAL:Beijing Yanhua Hospital

The first time to see Cheng Yubo doctor, he was generally such an impression, not tall, wearing a pair of gold rimmed eyes, with white hair on the head, slightly there are some.Yes, in many patients, the name represents hope.In the nearly 20 years of medical career, he uses the exquisite technology to bring the patient's health body, with sincere love to the patient's soul comfort.

Good medical ethics for the first - Cheng Yubo often said.Because of the lack of experience and some hardware constraints, our technical level is compared to the big hospitals in the city, maybe there are some gaps.But our medical ethics, our conscience cannot be worse than anyone.Doctor have a  parents heart, the greatest and most selfless in the world is maternal love, the patient entrusted to us is health and life, for such trust, we should use the love of love as selfless love, treat their relatives with the mentality of treating them.

I remember a weekend chengdafu on duty, busy all morning, he just ate a few meals.The young nurse came to ask for help: " chengdafu, 13 bed of aunt constipation, sitting in the toilet more than half an hour, tired hair is sweat, how do you see?" ? Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't notice you for dinner. ”Cheng Yubo, without a word, put down the chopsticks in hand to the toilet in person.After the incident, other patients asked him: " you were eating, to go to the toilet treatment will not be uncomfortable?" ? ”。 He replied that forced defecation is a very dangerous thing for the elderly, but it is good to be dealt with in time today, otherwise it will be angina pectoris, the heavier may be heart failure, myocardial infarction or even sudden death.As long as the patient's condition can be handled in time, for us this is nothing!

The clinical nearly 20 years of feel and roll, has created the exquisite professional technical and academic level. He has not only published many academic papers in various journals, but also has been invited to speak at the national academic conferences. There are more and more patients looking for him to see a doctor, every time expert clinic he is too busy to drink a drink of water.

Cheng Yubo often appears on the health pulpit, in recent years, he has written the hospital with chest pain ", secret coronary heart disease intervention treatment ,  talk to you about hypertension and heart sudden cardiac death in family prevention and first aid and other popular science courseware, in the vicinity of the hospital preaching. In the popular humorous language, the real and vivid case, for the community residents to take a meal of a healthy meal. In 2015, chengdafu won the first prize in the " healthy China tour" Beijing health science contest, and was employed as a Beijing health science and technology expert.

Since medicine, Cheng Yubo has won a lot of honor. Such as Beijing area outstanding young and middle-aged doctors, Fangshan district health system advanced individuals, the second Yanshan ten outstanding young people, phoenix honorary doctor, Beijing Yanshan hospital youth position experts and so on. And this series of honor behind, represents the society and the patient to his recognition and trust, this also let him strengthen his belief, in the medical profession this road continues to guard, for love.