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Heart - care patient Continuous improvement of service

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Guan Li

NAME:Guan Li

THE HOSPITAL:Mentougou District Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Guan Li, director of Mentougou Maternal and Child Health Hospital.In her face, you can always see a little smile, to give us warmth.From her firm eyes, you can always see her persistent pursuit of work, "caring for the patient" is her medical criterion, "continuous improvement service" is her work objective.

There was a word in her heart:“Every number is a life. ”.This sentence is like a motto, she always remember her heart, urging her to keep moving forward,not dare to relax a little bit.The clinical laboratory reports nearly thousands of clinical reports every day. behind the number of figures in each report is related to the life of a person, affecting the feelings of several families.In the work, she insisted that the quality of inspection is the fundamental work, so she constantly optimize the detection process, strict clinical laboratory biosafety standard operation, improve the laboratory detection environment, to ensure the timely and accurate results.

She focuses on learning innovation, attaches great importance to the improvement of the overall business level of the department, regular organization staff conduct business learning, technical training and emergency drills.Before moving into the new district, she began to make the talent pool for the upcoming new business, and planned to send the technical backbone to study, training and so on.Moving into the new district, she quickly straighten out the work flow, to do a good job assignment, so that the work of the clinical laboratory is orderly and efficient.Under her leadership, laboratory examination of irregular antibodies, TORCH eight, thyroid function, tumor markers, influenza a virus and more than 20 new items of laboratory examination, to create a new system of inspection services with the characteristics of maternal and child.

Working with these cold precision instruments every day, building a warm and powerful inspection team is her relentless pursuit.She said: patients come to the hospital always with the fear of uncertainty, in the process of inspection, from the care of a comfort, a smile, a look, is a valuable warmth, warm patients or children's parents worried about the heart.She led the general staff with a warm service in a small window set up a bridge of mutual trust between doctors and patients, a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients to build a link.

The cold and warm of every worker in the laboratory is always in her heart.In her opinion, it is her duty to relieve the workers and help them to solve the difficulties in their work and study life.Under her leadership, all the staff of the department of the laboratory thought together to make a good working atmosphere for the family members of the department.
Looking back on the past, in the ordinary work, the excelsior do every test, is the guanli to the Hippocrate oath silent answer.Looking forward to the future, she will be with her test team to provide the best quality inspection services for patients, care for patients, continuous improvement of services, to lead the clinical laboratory to lead the confidence, patient satisfaction in the role of the role of the role.