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Lu Zhenfang

NAME:Lu Zhenfang

THE HOSPITAL:general hospital of Beijing Jing Mei group

She has a slim figure, a hearty laugh, and a clean and quick work, full of passion and energy. She is Lu Zhenfang of the respiratory department of the general hospital of Beijing coal group.

She is a good doctor in the patient's mind. She was skilled and treated with kindness and kindness to the patients and gave them the warmth of their family. In order to take care of the distant patients, she insisted on the outpatient number, often the morning out of the out-patient to 1: 30 pm. In order to reduce the patient waiting time, during the visit, she insisted on not drinking water, not to go to the toilet. In order to live up to the patient's trust, even if the time later, she will not be perfunctory any patient, will be patient to ask the patient condition, careful examination, help the patient detailed analysis of the illness, and to explain the specific medication methods and precautions. In case of difficult cases, she will arrange the time alone, personally bring the patient to the relevant department to discuss the disease, help the patient to solve the pain. Ludafu is good at diagnosis of various rheumatism diseases. once a patient has been suffering from pain for more than a year. after repeated visits to hospitals, some doctors even felt that the patient had a mental problem. after finding dr Lu, she took the patient to the hospital on the same day. after all the examination and comprehensive judgment, she took the patient to the joint b - ultrasound. only with more than 100 yuan, she found the root of the pain on the spot. the patient was extremely grateful to her. Under her unremitting efforts, the rheumatism specialty in the hospital from the absence, in the Beijing west area has been increasingly expanded, widely praised by the patients.

She is a good sister in her colleagues. Colleagues, whether in the work or in the home encountered difficulties, the first time to think of the people who are always her, she will always be the first time to go to the scene to " fire. ". Optimistic, cheerful, she will always use her unique method to help colleagues out of the plight. Kind and careful she, will always find the highlight of every colleague, encourage everyone to carry forward. She often said that the respiratory family is her home, colleagues are her family, in order to make the home more warm, she took advantage of spare time, help departments planned a spring outing, literary performance, knowledge contest and other colorful activities, let the breathing room become a cohesive force with a strong family.

She is a good helper in the heart of the director. Everyone called her the great housekeeper of the department, and whatever the difficult question she would be able to solve. She organizes various business learning, helps young doctors to grow up, and improves the level of department business; Coordination of all affairs within the section, strengthening communication between doctors and patients and deepening cooperation with brother departments; Participating in the bonus reform of the department, helping to complete the performance appraisal system and improving the efficiency of the department; And participate in the organization in the preparation of large-scale academic conferences, free clinics, to improve the influence of the department in the area of respiratory; Participate in the application of scientific research projects, promote the scientific research and construction of the department, and assist the director to complete a number of regional science and technology Committee projects and cooperation projects.

Lu Zhenfang is such, a deeply loved by all the versatile, in the eyes of the patients, she is a reliable good doctor, in the eyes of colleagues she is a good sister, in the eyes of the leadership she is a good helper. She uses her energy, enthusiasm like fire character, infection and warmth around everyone around.