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Shao Laibin

NAME:Shao Laibin

THE HOSPITAL:Jing Mei Group General Hospital

Shao Laibin is a nurse in the ICU of the general hospital of Beijing coal group, on the road of nursing, she has been for more than 20 years.No matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter, no matter bitter cold or torried heat, she always adhere to her own work, using her own practical actions to interpret a sacred duty of a angels in white.

Let herself as an example,do everything by herself.Critical care is a very hard work.Take for the patient to wipe the body to say, at first a lot of young nurses are not willing to come forward.It is not a simple matter how to bring the general practitioners to work actively.As the head of the division of responsibility, and veteran veteran veteran, she set an example, personally scrubbing the body, and even the time of rest, she will not rest assured of a serious patient to go to the Cori to see.Like the bedsore dressing, some young nurses didn't dare to see it at first, she offered to help them, and then taught them how to do it.In this way, she uses her actual actions slowly influence the Cori colleague, everybody has the very big progress.

To assist in leading the work and participate in ward management.ICU ward has been the focus of hospital sensory work, and for the disinfection of the ventilator is very critical.With the support of the department of hospital, shaolibin and head nurses go out to the system to learn the relevant knowledge. after returning to the department, she assists the head nurses in the training of the general nursing staff, and establishes strict management system, sets the examination standard, and strictly checks before every morning shift.Although at first some people were reluctant, feel the tube too harsh, but the time is long, we found that not only the efficiency of the work, but also greatly reduced the risk of nursing, her efforts have been recognized.

Coordinate all kinds of relationships and create a harmonious ward. First is the relationship with the patient and the family.ICU is more special, live in severe patients, so many times the family mood will be more anxious and anxious.Nursing work is not only to cooperate with all kinds of medical treatment, but also is very important to the psychological intervention of patients and their families.Shao has always told young nurses that they must learn to think in a new way, and timely and effective communication can be a good medicine for treatment.In addition, she pays great attention to the communication between colleagues.ICU nurses, working intensity big responsibility heavy, sometimes there will be anxiety and impatience, shao Libin as the big-sister in the team, watch you mood change, ease the problems in time, because the nurses' attitude and behavior will directly affect the patient's mood and the treatment effect, but also affects whether can provide doctors with feedback timely accurate treatment.