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Zhao Wei

NAME:Zhao Wei

THE HOSPITAL:Beijing Yanhua Hospital

Into the burn unit room, what came into view was a face that was deformed because of burns.Into the intensive care room, you seem to be in another world, doors and windows closed, hot air, wearing a thin shirt will sweat.Yes, many people are terrified whenever the burn ward is mentioned.She is the head nurse Zhao Wei of the burn plastic surgery department of the Yanshan petrochemical corporation, who, on a day of ten years, uses the heart, love and responsibility, and fulfills the vow of " burning herself, illuminating others ", and serving every patient with smile and warmth.

The work of burn unit has certain particularity, often encounter gas explosion, group burns and other mass incidents, for Zhao Weilai said " injury is the order ".Whenever this time, she always did not hesitate to fight in the first line of work, not afraid of kulei, regardless of personal gain and loss.

On November 26, 2015, a heavy snow was impressive, when the temperature was lower than the year, but the burn unit nurses were sweating, a group of special patients in the ward.In the morning, the burn unit received the hospital notice, in daanshan has had the repair circuit to the workers, the hospital immediately established a burn unit of the rescue unit to the mountain rescue, the frostbite patients are not uncommon, but so many patients need to focus on treatment, but a challenge.The head nurse Zhao Wei immediately started the emergency plan of group injury, with the help of the hospital leadership and brother department, quickly prepared all bed units, disposable materials, frostbite specialist articles, drugs, and so on.At 3: 36 pm, the wounded arrived at the hospital, of which 11 were severely Frostbite and 25 were moderately Frostbite.Under Zhao Wei's command, nurses began to rescue work in an orderly manner, allocate bed units, measure vital signs, handle orders, perform medical orders, and ensure that frostbite patients receive treatment in the shortest time, while providing the highest quality of quality care.After more than 20 days of careful treatment and care, 36 workers and brothers were cured and discharged from the hospital, and a deep friendship with her.

Zhao Wei's pursuit of the ordinary post, the interpretation of a angels in white - respected nightingale spirit, led by the trust, colleagues respect, the love of patients.In 2003, joined the district health bureau first group of anti - SARS rescue team, won the " anti - SARS advanced individual" title.In 2009, won the " phoenix love angel" honorary title.In 2013 and 2015, the hospital was awarded the excellent head nurse, and the nursing team led by her was also named the advanced group of quality nursing care in the hospital.

In an ordinary day, Zhao Wei and her nursing team sent one after another after their own care and rehabilitation of the patients, and she also with warm and enthusiastic attitude, rigorous and practical style, skilled care technology, has won the trust.Achievements belong to the past, the road ahead is a long way to go.She said that only with a grateful heart, continuous efforts, progressive, more attentive care of the patients, can not live up to their life support.