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Wang Jingfei

NAME:Wang Jingfei

THE HOSPITAL:Mentougou traditional Chinese medicine hospital

Wang Jingfei,Director of Department of Endocrinology, Mentougou traditional Chinese medicine hospital,a doctor thirty years.As the academic leader of the hospital, he served as the director of the emergency department and the director of the endocrinology department.

Department of endocrinology is the key departments of the hospital, the patients every day such as weaving, work intensity is very large.Even so, director Wang also led everyone to actively carry out various scientific research projects, improve the clinical level of clinical departments and comprehensive competitiveness.He led the team and Beijing Guang'anmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital jointly developed for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, "Tianqi-Jiangtang Capsule."For this reason, they have done a lot of clinical research.This year is also applying for the national science and Technology Progress Award.In addition, with the Beijing Fu Wai Hospital, the British University of Oxford jointly launched the "second session of the Chinese clinical study of acute myocardial infarction".In the international famous Lancet magazine published a corresponding paper.He also organized members of the department with "Tang Shen Tang" treatment of diabetic nephropathy (blood stasis resistance type), won the Mentougou District Science and Technology Progress Award.It is the scientific research of this item, which lays a solid foundation for the development of the department.

Department of Endocrinology involves many common chronic diseases, prevention work is particularly important.Diabetes health big classroom activities under the leadership of Wang Jingfei has been carried out for 15 years without interruption.Because of the outstanding achievements in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, Beijing Diabetes Prevention and Control Office of the Mentougou District Diabetes Center is located in the Mentougou District Chinese medicine hospital, district television station also on-site interviews.At the same time, Wang Jingfei also led the Department colleagues to make other types of health lectures and clinic activities, people in disease prevention has been effective scientific guidance.The satisfaction degree of medical treatment is increasing year by year, which brings double benefit for society and hospital.

Wang Jingfei director also attaches great importance to first aid work.Remember one time, 120 send a 40 - year - old acute inferior wall myocardial infarction combined with ventricular fibrillation patients, according to the customary hospital is not able to treat.But wang saw that the patient was in a convulsive state of ventricular fibrillation.Time means life, and he says nothing and  that  organize the rescue immediately.non-synchronous electric defibrillation was adopted successively,multiple continuous chest compressions,intravenous emergency medicine and other measures,after more than ten minutes, the heart beat again.A week later, the stable patient was admitted to a higher hospital for further treatment.
Wang Jingfei always asked hisself as a doctor to be selfless dedication.Once a week, the director of the ward round, he will be carefully prepared, strive to focus on the treatment of patients and progress, domestic and foreign diagnostic technology, and other colleagues to speak clearly.In case of difficult cases, he also organized case seminars.In addition, the 301 hospitals, the Beijing university hospital, friendship hospital and other major hospital experts to carry out a special lecture, to share the knowledge feast.In this way, under the leadership of Wang, the academic atmosphere of the department is strong, and the spirit of experience highlights.  

In the words of Wang Jingfei, the busy work changes the patient's health and peace, leaving for themselves the enrichment and peace of mind.On the road of medicine, he has no regrets.