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The professional medicine has no style, the simple medicine is not gorgeous

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Liao Daixiang

NAME:Liao Daixiang

THE HOSPITAL:Beijing Mentougou District Hospital

The dawn of the morning, when people are still sleepy, he has come to the ward, carefully examine and ask the patient's situation.With the lights on, when people are enjoying their leisure time, he still sits in the office to study the difficult surgery.He devoted all his energy and the whole body and mind to the cause he loved.He is director of the large Surgery Department of Mentougou district hospital, director of Department of general surgery and subject leader of Liao Daixiang.

Liao Daixiang's life is simple, low-key and humble.In the medical profession for more than 20 years, his brain is haunted by the patients, no matter how tired, give them always a mild smile, warm words and tender eyes." As long as we see Liao Daixiang, we feel at ease in our hearts ", this is a letter of the patient thank you to express the common feelings.

Director Liao came to general surgery in Mentougou district hospital in September 2014. under the leadership of his subject leader, less than two years, general surgery has made great progress in all aspects of discipline development, team construction, business growth and other aspects, with the initial manifestation of specialty, and has had a certain influence in the region.In 2015, general surgery increased by 53 %, the number of operations increased by 61 %, and the rate of operation increased by nearly 50 %.Successful implementation of some major and critical surgery, the department was assessed as the Mentougou district key specialty in 2015.

Director Liu's technical ability is outstanding, the courage to accept the challenge.Although he is praised by peers as a " brave" doctor, but he works extremely rigorous and meticulous, for the serious patients, often waiting at the bedside, to defuse a lot of risks and problems.He is the leading level in the diagnosis and treatment of multiple organ invasion, complicated intestinal fistula and gastrointestinal " paralysis ", peritoneal cancer and other difficult and severe diagnosis and treatment of pelvic tumors.Patients from all over the country come here, to enhance the visibility and influence of the departments and hospitals, and promote the development of the whole hospital.

As the chief surgeon, Liao is actively thinking of the construction of the whole surgical department, and in the overall planning of the hospital, promoting the construction of urology, oncology, emergency surgery, and so on.As the director of the department of surgery, Liao director actively training the backbone of teaching, undertake teaching, teaching methods are unique, the teaching effect is good.

The director of Liao has paid special attention to the team construction of the departments, and established strict three - level doctor - round system, the resident training system and the attending physician ward management system in the department.The cultivation of the talent echelon of the department adheres to the principle of " internal training and assignment learning ".The section focuses on discussions, talks, and so on every week, and sends out a number of key doctors to go out for further studies.Through the guide team members to carry out detailed and practical career planning, the general surgery department of the specialized ability has been rapidly upgraded, and established an efficient talent echelon, the department staff full of vitality, the spirit of a new look.

Liao is the director of this, has been focused on one after another clinical difficult, encountered difficult diseases and major surgery, he always lit a sense of " excitement. ".He has been pursuing such a professional state: the courage to challenge difficult problems, to be a high standard, the patient's recognized professional doctors. " the professional medicine has no style, the simple medicine is not gorgeous" is to him the most true portrayal!