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Li Xianfeng

NAME:Li Xianfeng

THE HOSPITAL:Mentougou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

He uses his strengths solved large quantities of difficult miscellaneous diseases. He treated the most dangerous condition with cheap Chinese herbal medicine, which removed people’s suffering, the biggest benefits for the ordinary people.

                                                                                                                                                    —— Li Xianfeng

Li Xianfeng has worked at internal medicine of Mentougou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital for more than twenty years, engaged in the research and treatment of difficult miscellaneous diseases in traditional Chinese medicine internal medicine. He learned from teacher Yang Runfang, studying the four classic work in traditional Chinese medicine, with special interest to Yellow Emperor and Treatise on Cold Pathogenic and Miscellaneous Diseases. That he has feelings in the preface of Miscellaneous Diseases made him determined to work energetically to be either a good prime minister or a good doctor removing sufferings for the patients. During his spare time after work, he always visits his teachers and friends, observing the people's condition, and studies the cause of diseases in people's basic necessities of life. Comprehensively analyzed and summarized the cause of diseases from multisystem and multiaspect: internal medicine, department of surgery,gynecology and department of pediatrics with theory integrated with practice. After a dozen years of assiduous study, he gained methods and principles of traditional Chinese medicine treatment by applying austere dialectical materialism from the traditional Chinese medicine sages and the theory of the unity of heaven and man, combined with the research of drug formulations. He also realized that people's illness is caused by the body's out-of-balance and traditional Chinese medicine balances the imbalance by using of herbal medicine particular character.

Along with the people's spiritual and material living standard increasing, pollution of surrounding environment, destruction of resources and the changes people's living habits, the convenience of people's using medicine and the popularization of medical and health knowledge, Before they go to the hospital, they have already started their own treatment and used western medicine, but with not ideal effect or course of illness was prolonged, then come to Li Xianfeng for help. In the whole process of treating them, the authenticity and reliability of many predecessors have been verified, which lays a solid theoretical foundation for his future medical work. This made him was more deeply aware that Treatise on Cold Pathogenic and Miscellaneous Diseases is not only a book of cure of disease, but also cure of medical treatment. At his leisure time, he lost himself in the prescriptions and medical classics with extensive reading of ancient and modern medical sets.

 After years of study, Li Xianfeng has made astounding advances in understanding and opinion into internal medicine diseases, which has improved his dialectical thinking. His diagnosis and treatment of diseases is more skilled and the duration and degree of heating to medicine is more accurate, guided by the theory of Yin-Yang and Five Elements Balance Circle Theory. No matter how complex the variation of pathogenesis of the disease is, how widespread the cause is, he was able to understand the essence of the disease directly, and choose prescription and the drugs reaching an unexpected effect.