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Jia Xiuqing

NAME:Jia Xiuqing

THE HOSPITAL:Jing Mei Hospital Group

Nursing work is ordinary and arduous, and a devotee who can be in this position for many years should be an example to us. This requires not only rigorous and practical working attitude, positive enthusiasm for work, but also diligence in study and eagerness to learn.
                                                                                                                                                        —— Jia Xiuqing

"As long as Mrs. Jia is in the class, we have the backbone and we work with sureness," said the young nurses at the Jing Mei Hospital Group. Mrs. Jia they mentioned is Jia Xiuqing.

Jia Xiuqing has been engaged in clinical care for more than 20 years, and she has been recognized for her steadfast careful working attitude and rigorous practical work ethic.She loves this position deeply, she is not only careful and focused, but also the head nurse's right hand and a good teacher of nurses in the department.

Rounding ward anytime is one of Jia Xiuqing's works. In her opinion, "on time tour" is not enough to satisfy cardiovascular patients' variable condition, because every minute and second can be the hope of a patient's life. One afternoon, she was rounding ward, found a patient talking cheerfully and humourously at noon when having meal with family, without warning, suddenly convulsions and eyes peering upwards, immediately she beat the patient’s precordia and continued chest compressions while cried with a loud voice on duty doctor and nurse to assist in treatment. When seeing the rescue success, the daughter, who was waiting outside the ward, crying to Jia Xiuqing with a deep bow, holding Jia Xiuqing's hands, repeatedly said "thanks to you, thanks to you"!

As a pilot ward of the first batch of"quality care demonstration project", the department of cardiology gets all staff's active participation, and she threw herself into it. Since most patients are lack of medical knowledge, and the health knowledge acquisition approach of their disease basically limited within hospital, so that "cannot stick to take medicine or attend the clinic" and other conditions occur.

The effective way to solve this problem is to "make the patient remember what to do with a simple and understandable language and picture.", with the support of the head nurse, Jia Xiuqing and several senior nurses in the department form a group of health education , make concise and easy to understand health education materials "cardiology health education handbooks", which not only provides a convenient tool for nurses to do health education, but also provides convenience for patients to learn prevention and cure knowledge about their diseases.

As clinical teacher, in the process of teaching, she is good at guiding and cultivating students to put theory into practice, taking the corresponding teaching methods for different students, paying attention to strengthen the communication with them and finally has made them really learn practical clinical knowledge during the internship, and got their praise.

Her hard work has been praised by leaders, recognized by colleagues and satisfied by patients and their families. She has been rated as an advanced worker at the hospital level and workshop level, and has been praised by patients repeatedly. Even so, her goal is: be the head nurse's right hand; be a good teacher and good friend of the nurses; be a caring nurse for patients and their family members. In practice, weave heartfelt guard for patients.