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Zhang Tietie

NAME:Zhang Tietie

THE HOSPITAL:Jing Mei Hospital Group

In 2003, doctor Zhang was rated as advanced individual at the level of hospital by virtue of his outstanding performance in the front line against SARS;in 2005, he was awarded the scientific progress award of Beijing Coal Group;in 2013, he won the title of excellent Party member ofJing Mei Hospital Group.

                                                                                                                                                    ——Zhang Tietie

        Zhang Tietie, at present holds the position of attending doctor of urinary surgery of Jing Mei Hospital Group. Engaged in clinic work in urinary surgery of the hospital until now, he has successively carried out new technologies:Transurethral resection of the prostate, percutaneous nephrolithotomy, Transurethral ureteral pelvis by holmium laser lithotripsy, micro-fistula percutaneous nephrolithotomy holmium laser lithotripsy for the treatment of complex kidney stones, laparoscopic renal tumor radiofrequency ablation, etc. conducting new technologies not only offsets the deficiency of the urinary surgery of our hospital, but also enable people in Mentougou district to enjoy high-quality service and to timely relieve pains without needing to go out of the district.    

He not only has solid professional skills but also focuses on carrying out work summary and all kinds of academic exchange. In 2013, he published two papers in which "Treatment of upper and middle ureteral calculi in elderly patients with moderate to severe COPD coal smear by localized percutaneous nephrolithotomy"won the second award in annual academic conference in hospital.

In his work, Zhang Tietie always adheres to the service concept of "patients-oriented". In 2013, he successfully finished the task of voluntarily seeing patients in Zhongmensi community assigned by his department, carrying out over 200 ultrasonic testing for urinary system for community residents which was free of charge and discovering over 10 people with severe illness in urinary system and then transferring to our hospital to seek for further treatment. He has completed over 2000 B - ultrasonography in extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy and no severe complication has occurred, wining the high praise of patients by relieving their pains. Over 3000 patients have been diagnosed by outpatient service, over 200 patients received and cured and over 200 selective operations and outpatient emergency operations completed. He adhered to provide service at grass roots level in Junzhuang health center in Mentougou once a week getting positive comments of lots of patients during his service. He established a harmonious relationship, tacit cooperation with medical workers at grass roots level community, always patiently answered their questions about urinary surgery, meanwhile, brought medical knowledge and progress for them, expanding their thoughts and successfully finishing the task of service in community.    

In urinary surgery, Zhang Tietie works as the teaching secretary of the department, successfully completing the teaching work of interns of North China Coal Medical College assigned by the hospital. During serving as the infection monitoring physician of the department and hospital, no hospital infection has occurred throughout the department over the whole year. He also undertakes the work of management, disinfection and maintenance for endoscope surgical instruments of the entire department to ensure that the endoscope testing and operations for urinary system can be successfully carried out. After urinary surgery is appointed as the trial department for electronic medical records conducted by the hospital, Zhang Tietie actively implements and constantly learns and makes summaries and finally formulates the writing standards of electronic medical records in urinary surgery, thus remarkably improving the writing efficiency and quality of medical records in urinary surgery.