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Working with heart and offering service with love

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Yu Xuelian

NAME:Yu Xuelian

THE HOSPITAL:Yan Hua Hospital in Beijing

She is a careful, responsible, diligent and capable nurse;She is responsible for daily work and doing everything as quick and perfect as possible;She wins praise of patients, relations and leaders at all levels by virtue of careful and responsible attitude towards her work and patients.  

                            ------Yu Xuelian

       Yun Xuelian is an ordinary nurse of Cardiology Department of Yanhua hospital and has served on the post for eighteen years. She deeply loves this occupation, writing an ordinary but splendid life with own sincerity and love and wining the trust of patients with practical behavior.

The mortality rate of patients with myocardial infarction reaches up to 30 percent among cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, cardiology department opens up a green channel for patients of acute myocardial infarction to seize every minute and second to carry out salvage because time is life!Since took an additional post of a nurse in Cath lab, Yu Xuelian has been always hard working without fussing about personal gains and losses. Due to particularity of work in cardiology department, medical workers in Cath lab must be on standby for 24 hours all day long. She can put everything aside, even her children who is not asleep, immediately rush to the hospital and put her heart and soul into the salvage work for safety and danger of patients as long as the phone rings irrespective of on duty or off duty, late at night or wee hours.   

As a charge nurse, she treats patients with the most beautiful smile, the friendliest words, the most considerate care and the fullest working passion every day. At 7:30 every morning, she comes to the ward and greets each patient,“Good morning!”“Have you had a good sleep last night?”“Are you feeling better today?”Before she gets off work, she will come to the wards again to see patients and inquire about their demands and how do they feel today. She was once responsible for a female patient with dilated cardiomyopathy whose state of illness was very severe and some slight activities would make him seriously pant. He cried and wanted to abandon his life. After knowing about the reason, she held the hand of him, squatting beside the bed of the patient and said that:“if you give up your life, what about your child?What about your lover?you are a part of your family, if you leave them, the family will no longer be a family. Only if you are alive, all problems can be solved. You should take medicine on time and follow the instruction of your doctor and positively accept treatment, even though your illness can’t be cured immediately, only if you are recovering, then we will have hope, isn’t it?”The patient looked at her and nodded repeatedly to show approval. Simple greetings make the distance between nurses and patients closer;Sincere words enable patients to feel the equality and kindness between patients and doctors, meanwhile, set up a bridge of heart between patients and nurses.

 “Working with heart, offering service with love”, which is Yu Xuelian’s motto. She blends emotions into the common work, contributes her passion to ardently loved nursing course and sends her love into every patient’s heart.