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Liu Yuehua

NAME:Liu Yuehua

THE HOSPITAL:Yan Hua Hospital

He reads extensive professional books in orthopaedic fields, constantly enriching himself. He is skilled, diligent and innovative. He is also modest, kind and approachable.
                                                                                                                                                          ——Liu Yuehua

"If you don't read too often, you will stray from your professional direction." This is word to young doctors from associate chief physician Liu Yuehua, who has been engaged in orthopedic clinical work for nearly 20 years in Beijing Yan Hua Hospital. Over the years, his spirit of study diligently, diligent and conscientious work, excellent attitude to work and the passion and patience to the patients established a good reputation for him, therefore, many patients are attracted.

The diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis is a hot topic in medical field. Liu Yuehua concentrating on hs studies is a pioneer in the building of Osteoporosis clinic base. The team led by him forge ahead and bravely explore, which has benefited the elderly patients in surrounding area. An industry professor said that “Yan Hua Hospital is in the suburbs, but her osteoporosis treatment technology is the first class in Beijing!”

It was close to new year in last year, An 84-year-old comrade was accidentally fall down resulted in fracture of the bony tuberosity at his left thigh. The families wanted to go to Jishuitan Hospital the best hospital in the city, but the senior citizen heard that Dr. Liu Yuehua was very skilled at this, so he told his families to find Dr. Liu Yuehua and checked in the hospital. Liu Yuehua, who had already bought a plane ticket to go back to his hometown to visit his family, refunded the ticket without hesitation, and gave changed the chance of visiting relatives during the Spring Festival to others in order to relieve the pain of the patient as soon as possible. With his exquisite professional skills, strong sense of responsibility and the tacit cooperation of the whole team, Liu Yuehua soon carried out the operation for the elderly and made the old man turned the corner. The whole family was so grateful that they told everyone they meet that they chose the right hospital and the good doctor.

Liu Yuehua seized the opportunity to study for half a year at joint division in a famous hospital in Beijing city, and learned technical knowledge like a sponge absorbing water. In order to master key technology, he consulted a large number of related foreign language books day and night; he asked the teachers some technical questions to the end. In order to participate in as many arthroscopic operations as possible, he could forget food and sleep, and he participated in every surgery as he can. Finally, he succeed in this field of study and applied his knowledge. After returning to Yan Hua Hospital, the new technology had been developed rapidly and effectively, and a number of high-tech surgeries had been completed in a short time. In 2013, he completed more than 30 cases of arthroscopic minimally invasive surgery, which enriched the treatment means of department of orthopaedics in Yan Hua Hospital.

This is the case with Dr. Liu Yuehua, who studied hard in the field of orthopedics, strives for excellence, pursues excellence and never stops. Now, he is working with full enthusiasm and desires to extend the application of arthroscopy to fields like diagnosis and treatment of shoulder-elbow hip and ankle joints, etc., trying to removing more pain for the patients, adding glitters and put forth his strength for Phoenix Healthcare Group and striving for one success after another.