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Song Aiwen

NAME:Song Aiwen

THE HOSPITAL:Jian Gong Hospital

Over ten years, from youth to middle age, he has ardently loved both his position, every colleague around and the big family growing together.
                                                                                                                                          ------Song Aiwen
Song Aiwen, vice director of Finance Department of Jian Gong Hospital in Beijing city, entered Fenghuang medical group to work in October, 2004, was sent to Being Jian Gong Hospital as the chief of business section and successively held the posts of chief of business section, finance section and vice director of financial operation department, until now, ten years have passed. He is responsible for work of bonus calculation for all departments in hospital, collection, statistics and assortment of operating data of hospital, calculation of foreign cooperation programs, performance calculation for specially recruited personnel, daily administrative management for departments, and also collaborated with financial controller and director of finance department to complete some business and management work.

He ardently loves this big family, is delighted with and has witnessed the growth of the hospital, devoting his own enthusiasm and wisdom to the development and growth of the hospital. For some resigned and the other retired for colleagues at the same post, since 2008, Song Aiwen has always undertaken all works by himself. In the meantime, due to the need of management, calculation work has been more and more detailed. In the face of increased workload, Song Aiwen has constantly improved his work efficiency and orderly carried out all works without complaint, focusing on difficulty and personal gains or losses.   

Born easygoing, Song Aiwen has established a harmonious relationship with colleagues around and can stimulate the strength of team to collectively complete temporary significant work. He proactively collaborates with every new leader and can ensure that work of his own post would not spend too much energy of leaders, thus making leaders relieved.

Because personal economic benefits are involved in calculation work of his post, Song Aiwen is required to equip practical, careful, meticulous and rigorous attitude toward work to ensure that no mistake would be made during calculation. The general framework of bonus calculation work in hospital has been basically steady but has been also constantly improved and optimized to meet the demands of management work. Continuously increased individual policies demand that any detail not be missed in the work to ensure the benefits of parties.

Song Aiwen is delighted that few mistakes have appeared in his work over the years, no dissatisfaction and disputes from colleagues have been caused by his own work fault and his working achievements have got recognition of leaders and colleagues. He will continue devoting to future work with full passion and making more contributions to colleagues, departments and hospital.

Ten-year is neither a flash of a dream nor a flick of fingertips, and the road under feet is still, patting the dust on the body, we will continue going forward…….