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Han Suhong

NAME:Han Suhong

THE HOSPITAL:Jian Gong Hospital

Stick to being patient-oriented, aiming to save patients’ lives, relieve their pain, prolong their probability of surviving and spare no pains, regardless of the gain and loss, fully devote into medical treatment cause.
                                                                                                                                                   —— Han Suhong
Han Suhong, respiratory medicine associate chief physician in Beijing Jian Gong Hospital, has been working in Jian Gong Hospital after graduating from Hebei medical university as a master in 2003 and now is the backbone of respiratory medicine.

As an associate chief physician engaged in clinical work for 15 years, Han Suhong can not only be good at diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases and frequently-occurring diseases, but also has rich experience in curing respiratory medicine intractable cases as well as acute and severe diseases, especially by using her research skills standardize the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer, improving the probability of surviving of the medium-term and advanced lung cancer patients.

In the course of medicine, Han Suhong treats patients as relatives. Her excellent medical skill and high sense of responsibility make her timely diagnose and treat patients with difficult and complicated diseases. Recently, Han Suhong met an elderly male patient in outpatient service, who repeatedly coughs and not healed, and has repeatedly been in tertiary hospital, check the X-ray and report chronic bronchitis with infection, the tertiary hospitals has treated his illness according to this, but the patient’s condition has never improved. After Han Suhong receives him, through carefully looking at the chest radiograph, repeatedly asking the medical history, further checking the chest CT and bronchoscope, finally diagnosed with lung cancer, then Han Suhong timely and effectively provides him with symptomatic treatment, making him come a long way. Respiratory medicine has many difficult and complicated diseases, it is hard to avoid missed diagnosis, diagnostic errors and delay treatment without high sense of responsibility and good medical technology. At usual work, Han Suhong does not ignore a little bit of abnormal tests and she carefully explores tiny lesions of iconography, having diagnosed and treated many atypical clinical cases.

As a professional doctor, Han Suhong has paid attention to scientific research, participated in and completed a project entitled "the ablation and regulation of hydrochloric acid on tumor"; she has written more than 10 national core periodical medical papers, such as "Clinical observation of 38 cases of pulmonary fungal infection in lung cancer" , "APA一BCCs clinical observation on the treatment of cancer pain by analgesic microcapsules", "The observation and treatment experience of taxol induced anaphylactic shock",etc., reflecting high academic level and solving clinical treatment problems.

In years of clinical work, she is always modest and studious, cautious and conscientious, continuing to innovate and explore, and gives full play to the mentoring role, be a good sister, a good teacher for junior doctors, and under the leadership of director Liu Yuxiang, makes the team cohesion better and better.