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Dedication is the duty of a nurse!

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Guo miao

NAME:Guo miao

THE HOSPITAL:Jian Gong Hospital

Since I was a nurse, I was going to be a qualified nurse, and since I was a head nurse, I was going to be a good nurse of ICU.
                                                                                                                                                         ——Guo miao
Guo miao, head nurse of ICU of Jian Gong Hospital.On her first day in office, she wondered: how can I be a good head nurse? It requires both high demand for nurses and human-based management;It is necessary to stimulate the energy of the old nurses, but also to improve the work ability of the newly recruited ones. It is necessary to be proficient in various businesses, coordinate the work of each department, and at the same time complete the various indicators of hospital quality management...Thinking of these, Guo miao summed up a word: hard!

Once admitted a patient in consciousness disorder, drunk for 12 hours, just translated to care bed, the patient squirted vomiting, which mixed with half-digested abiding food, gastric juice and thick liquor flavor, everybody instinct moved back, with a nurse vomiting on the scene, Guo Miao at the rescue site immediately commanded: "go and prepare for endotracheal intubation and blood sampling, here am I", then it was too late for Guo Miao to take two-layer masks, considering the patient's safety is more important, she tilted face to take a deep breath, continued to clear the respiratory tract, tilted face again to take a deep breathe again, tolerating the disgusting smell. In this way, the 26-year-old lad began his new life in a concerted effort.

Guo miao, like a mother, lives and works with 26 children from different places. Once she found a young nurse is often sighing, asked and knew that the Spring Festival was approaching, nonlocal nurses all want to go home, she struggled to get a ticket but just on that day she must work, so Guo Miao called her to office, said: "at work do not think of anything other than work, or the patient care and safety are not guaranteed, having any trouble you can ask me for help, but must not affect work. In the New year Eve, I work on the night shift, so you can go home for the Spring Festival and hope to see your progress next year."The unsolvable difficulties were solved, and the tears of unexpected joy filled the young nurse’s eyes.

Busy work in the new year eve has just ended, Guo Miao is trying to turn out mobile phone to greet mom and dad, but she shed tears secretly while seeing the picture from her husband: with four simple dishes, her husband and son toast, smiling for the camera."Happy New Year to you- mommy, come home early," said her son from WeChat, seeing this, she burst into bitter tears. 

"Baby, I'm sorry! I sent you to your grandmother’s home because of work, being separate from you is my lifelong guilt; baby, I'm sorry! I have never taken you from the kindergarten, each time you are the first to come but last to leave, each time I comfort you with: my honey baby, you did great! Today you are also the first to come to the kindergarten. But only I know the sorrow in my heart."

Although much guilt for son, she is also very pleased with holding the hands of discharged patients, hearing thank you from patients' family members, treating patients with sincere dedication and working, chatting, singing, traveling with her nursing team and recalling their shared memories, that is enough!

Dedication is the duty of a nurse!