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A leader in the field of inspection

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Lu Yu


THE HOSPITAL:Beijing Yanhua hospital

Whenever people bring up the departments of hospitals, it is usually the clinical departments that are widely concerned, and the medical science and technology departments are always quietly behind the scenes to support the development of hospital clinical technologies.In YanHua hospital clinical laboratory, there is such a good technician reed yu, he has a gentle face, slightly thin body, but twenty years like one day, quietly fighting on the front in the field of inspection.

The constant improvement of professional skills is his constant pursuit.Biochemical testing needs to face a large number of inspection data every day, computer knowledge is very helpful to the processing of test data.Therefore, at the beginning of his work, he learned a lot of computer expertise, obtained a computer college degree.Before using the lis system in the hospital, he used the computer knowledge to deal with the internal quality control chart, so that the biochemical room was separated from the complicated work done by hand.Even now, he has been the head of the biochemistry group for more than a decade.In addition to his work, he will often purchase a large number of tests and related professional books, reminding himself that he should take a prudent attitude towards the problems in his work, optimize his knowledge structure and keep pace with the rapid development of new technologies.

In addition to continuous improvement of professional skills, Lu Yu not let alone all can improve the efficiency of the way.Inspection work daily need to use all kinds of small and medium - sized instruments and equipment.Lu Yu believes that grasping the opportunity to fully understand the working principle of instrument and equipment is very important to obtain more accurate test data.Therefore, every time the engineers maintain the maintenance equipment, he always focuses on observation and learning, and from time to time according to his own understanding of various " non - professional" problems.Now it is possible to deal with some common problems of instrument malfunction, sometimes the task is heavy and happen to encounter some problems, he often comes to the emergency.

Saving cost for the department is also one of the work objectives of Lu Yu.In his words, he took the hospital as his home, in the premise of ensuring the quality of inspection, improve the working methods, optimize the workflow, saving cost is what everyone should do.Take the blood clots diagram in clinical laboratory, usually a set of reagents because of the effect problem can only do a sample,the complex solution of the reagent is usually 50 - 100u, and the actual dosage of a sample is only ul, the remaining reagent is wasted.According to the requirements of the inspection rules, it is often necessary to confirm the inspection results when the test results are in doubt, and the re-inspection is free, so, the reagent after the solution can not be fully utilized and the retest procedure, which is a great loss.Lu Yu through strict test and data analysis of the testing process, found that although after each reagent solution aftereffect period only an hour or two, but through the optimization of the process for a test, after dissolved reagent can be used fully during the effective period, makes the thrombus elastic graph reagent cost has fallen by half.This not only provides the clinical testing data is not affected, but also achieved good economic benefits.

Day after day, year after year, Lu Yu quietly unknown fighting in the inspection of the first line, he used practical action to interpret a test leader's persistent pursuit and faith.