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Drawing your smile by my hands

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Li liang

NAME:Li liang

THE HOSPITAL:Mentougou Hospital

Li liang was born in mountainous area, grew in mountainous area, concerned with patients, dedicating the masses. With talented skill but still free from arrogance and impetuosity, with unique skill but still without reservation, he is as simple as every child from mountainous area. His only wish is to draw the brightest, and the most beautiful smile of the masses in his hometown.
                                                                                                                                                                 ——Li liang
"The health of the patients is my greatest happiness", which is an often said word by the department of stomatology director of Mentougou Hospital. During his more than twenties years doctoring, he became the leader of oral therapy in the Mentougou Hospital and his strong sense of responsibility accounts for his excelsior working. He strives to be a "good doctor of the people" and sets an example for the department members by his practical action.

In over twenty years' diligent study and exploration, he developed large quantities of new technologies with his leader of department of stomatology, and also he imparted the technologies to his colleague without reservation. The final impression silicon rubber and alginate impression material united with method of mining pile nuclear printing method created by him is a pioneering both domestically and internationally, which opened up a new era in prosthodontics area in oral repairing and has a great effect on improving the quality of life of patients and patients' confidence.

As a doctor who is concerned with patients, He not only possesses exquisite skill, but also dares to challenge difficulties. A graduate student in Zhejiang seeing the doctor cannot close his lips and his oral cavity was extremely dry, which affects his pronunciation because of his congenital disease of upper anterior teeth deficiency together with severe alveolar bone protruding. All this made him extremely self-abased and painful, thus he had decided to give up doctoral examination, even considered committing suicide. Li liang formulated detailed treatment plan according to his condition and enlightened and encouraged him by optimistic expectations. After a series of complex and lengthy treatment processes, including root canal therapy, tooth extraction, alveolar bone repairing, baked porcelain pons repairing, etc., his appearance had a fundamental change, and he is capable of taking English oral test fluently. It was Li liang's kind heart and his hands that made the simle appeared on the patient's face again.

Li liang paid his sweat and energy in the process of working diligently and silently, and gained trust and satisfaction from the patients. He was awarded titles of honor such as "Science and Technology Pacesetter","Excellent Young Physician" and "Communist Pacesetter" for several times. department of stomatology in Mentougou Hospital was awarded as "Oral Cavity Public Health Service Advanced Collective in Beijing" for eight years successively.

This health guardian, Li liang, coming from mountainous area draw each and every smile for the people in mountainous area using his strong sense of responsibility and a pair of dexterous hands. He set an example for young doctors by his practical action.