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Dare-to-outperform-others Sales Pioneer Praiseworthy Dare-to-dedicate Spirit

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Jiang Huiying

NAME:Jiang Huiying

THE HOSPITAL:General Hospital of Jingmei Group

Time flies, she has served in General Hospital of Jingmei Group for nearly 20 years. You can also see a busy figure with pixie haircut sitting beside one test equipment in Clinical Laboratory Room. But do you know how many titles or honors she has? She has many titles, containing Youth Member of Laboratory Medicine of Beijing Medical Association, Member of 3rd Session Committee of Medical Laboratory Science of Peking University, Member of Laboratory Medicine of China Association of Medical Equipment , as well as Member of  Medical Microbiology and Immunology of Professional Committe of Chinese Society for Microbiology. She is Jiang Huiying-Director of Clinical Laboratory of General Hospital of Jingmei Group.

Actually, precise diagnosis and treatment is inseparable from accurate test result achieved by Clinical Laboratory. To ensure this, Jiang Huiying has being repeatedly highlighted the concept of “Service-centered & Growth-through-Quality ”. Guided by her, one quality management team was established inside Clinical Laboratory. She early proposed and carried out internal quality management to all items for ensuring quality supervision covering all test processes in Clinical Laboratory. Over the years, Clinical Laboratory has ever repeatedly participated in inter-clinic quality assessment work held by National Center for Clinical Laboratories and Beijing Municipal Clinical Laboratory Center for achieving outstanding performances. 

While our hospital entered into decoration and reconstruction mode in 2015, Clinical Laboratory experienced two re-locations. But led by Jiang Huiying, all the staff of Clinical Laboratory has successfully completed the two relocating tasks. During transition period, she repeatedly stressed us our service and quality cannot be slightly bargained despite  difficult conditions.

Meanwhile, one fully-automated clinical-laboratory line is in constructing process. LIS System has being changed synchronously throughout Clinical Laboratory. So, Jiang Huiying becomes busier than ever, including but not limited to drawing submissions and laboratory layout settings in Clinical Laboratory. From introduction of full-automated line equipment to preparation of LIS System transition, she also sees to everything by herself for making no work dropped from her hands.

I have a clear picture of the days when the whole-new automated clinical-laboratory line launched. Around how to select test system and reagent in the new system, Jiang Huiying led us to have a large amount of performance verifications and assessments for ensuring accuracy and reliability of obtained test results. Meanwhile, LIS System has also smoothly launched for greatly facilitating management of Clinical Laboratory and communication with the clinical departments, enhancing overall working efficiency, as well as promoting harmony among doctor, test body and patient. 

Besides of upgrading hardware and software, Jiang Huiying also led us to carry out a series of tests and screens involving in T-SPOT and ANA for perfecting tumor marker test and other new ones, improving test capability of Clinical Laboratory, as well as offering more services and conveniences to the clinical departments and wide patients for achieving double harvests from the society and the economy.

In order to promote communications and exchanges among peers, under the strong support from our hospital in 2015, Jiang Huiying successfully organized and held 1st Session Mentougou Regional Test Forum for better presenting new ideas and achievements in the circle of medical laboratory, as well as building up a “Professional, Rigorous and Easy” communication platform. Via this platform, and led by Jiang Huiying, Clinical Laboratory has had closer communications with peer hospitals for broadening our working ideas, and greatly improve service capability of Clinical Laboratory. 

Jiang Huiying told us to shape a test team with exquisite specialized technology, strong business capability, good service attitude, dare-to-dedicate spirit and dare-to-outperform-others quality is her longstanding goal. And she is always and will lead all the staff of Clinical Laboratory to dedicated themselves into the key work with greater enthusiasm for trying to be one pioneer in regional clinical laboratories, as well as creating our hospital and Clinical Laboratory more values.