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The Silent Love

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Zhu Shurong

NAME:Zhu Shurong

THE HOSPITAL:Mentougou Hospital

She held fast to the oath of nightingale for 33 years; she was in management position and cared deeply about line sisters; She focused on the quality of nursing care and escorted for medical security; she dared to play and gave part of herself away, explaining silent love of her own with actions in 33 years.
                                                                                                                                                         ——Zhu Shurong
Zhu Shurong, Nursing director of Mentougou Hospital, director of the Beijing Nursing Society, director of nursing disciplines, she sticks to this ordinary post for 33 years silently.

From 1981 assigned to the Mentougou Hospital to work, to working as the head nurse of emergency department in 1985, and then to working as the nursing director in 1995, she is always full of enthusiasm with the district hospital and cares for the nursing work, leading her nursing team to overcome great stress and hindrance and create success again and again.

In the past 33 years, Zhu Shurong instructed to countless major rescues; she experienced severe test of sudden public health events. Such as SARS and HINl and organized and held two teaching meeting in Mentougou Hospital of Beijing successfully; she had received the honor of "five consecutive crowns" nursing quality of the same level hospital in Beijing.
In the past three years, Zhu Shurong has carried out nursing theme activities of "The patient was moved by action, quality construction year and specialty construction year - I grow" in the Mentougou Hospital, which has greatly improved the quality of nursing services and improved the overall quality of nursing services. Publishment of "Nursing Practice of Mentougou Hospital", "Nursing Technical Practice of Mentougou Hospital", "Work Technical Specifications of Mentougou Hospital" and "Nursing Quality Evaluation System of Mentougou Hospital", not only improved the care Quality, but also played a role in escort for comprehensive improvement of more Mentougou Hospital.

The management of "the nursing evaluation scheme of Mentougou Hospital", "rotation scheme of clock system" and "nursing-a game of chess" in 2013 which have been tested by practice and have achieved initial results. 83% of the quality care service coverage and achievements have also been confirmed by superior leaders.

In 2014, it was the "international standard year" of the Mentougou Hospital. In order to pass the JCI review successfully, Comrade Zhu Shurong has embarked on the study and exploration in areas such as quality management and hospital infection management. She is a flag of nursing team of Mentougou Hospital; always explain her own silent love with words and deeds!