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Great physician and good faith,Every doctor has a benevolent heart

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Chen Lixin

NAME:Chen Lixin

THE HOSPITAL:Shunyi District, the second hospital

I am proud of myself as a doctor, with noble medical ethics, superb medical skills, to relieve the pain of the patient, support the helpless life, raise the life of the sail. Motto: Great physician and good faith,Every doctor has a benevolent heart.                                                                                                                                         Chen Lixin

Chen Lixin, now working in the second hospital of Shunyi district, Beijing, is the director of medical science. He graduated from Beijing university of traditional Chinese medicine, specializing in traditional Chinese medicine clinical work for nearly 30 years. His master is the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Mr Shao Wenkai. Under the guidance of the teacher, he learned from the others, with great concentration, good at using traditional Chinese medicine and the appropriate technology of traditional Chinese medicine. He has accumulated rich clinical experience in the treatment of various internal diseases, especially in the treatment of stroke sequelae, neck shoulder pain, herpes zoster, peripheral facial paralysis and other diseases. Because of the treatment of many diseases, the curative effect is remarkable, received extensive praise.

And Tang dynasty, a great physician in the Tang dynasty, in " the Daughter Fang" recorded in the same: " all skilled doctors, will be very rational and calm, with a benevolent heart to save. " Chen Zhuren takes this kind of spirit, the urgent patient is anxious, think the patient thinks. One morning, there was an elderly patient no waiting to call, suddenly rushed into the consulting room, covering his chest, painful groans said: " Chen Dafu hurry to give me a little liquid! "! " this is a patient with hypertension and coronary heart disease many years old patient, Chen director of immediately lets the old man lie in bed, measure blood pressure listen to rhythm, immediately dial 120, and inform the family. At the same time, coordination of emergency medical personnel to come to the treatment. Ten minutes later, 120 came to see, the family also arrived, in time to transfer the old man to a superior hospital. A few days later, the patient was out of danger, and the family thanked him and sent a banner to write, " think of the patient and be skilled. ". Over the years, Chen's good reputation attracted a large number of patients to come to see a doctor, the patient's trust and affirmation is given to him and the general practitioners infinite work force.

As director of the department, he focused on team building. Chinese medicine is a comprehensive department, and the appropriate technology of traditional Chinese medicine - acupuncture, physiotherapy for 40 to 50 people, and new embedded needle project, more and more work, which requires the doctors, nurses, technicians to cooperate together, the general practice, the whole body, wholeheartedly for the patients. Because of the support of the general practitioners, there is the trust of patients in the Chinese medicine.

As director of the department, he does a good job of talent training. Chinese medicine has two new graduate masters, although the standardized training for three years, but due to lack of practical experience, sometimes patients will be skeptical of them. Chen Zhuren encourages them to meet patients with indications, offer them the appropriate technology of acupuncture, cupping and scrapping, which not only improves the curative effect, but also wins the trust of patients. Operational problems, he personally demonstrated, to teach them many years of experience, let them take detours, grow as soon as possible.

A banner is told a story, a good doctor for the benefit of the common people. He practiced the oath of the doctor with practical action, and won the trust of the patient with his superb medical skills. The comprehensive indexes of the departments have been improved year by year, and the Chinese medicine has won the award of awards for clinical awards in the group of the group in 2015.