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Zhang Bin

NAME:Zhang Bin

THE HOSPITAL:Beijing Mentougou Hospital

In the Mentougou District Hospital, we always see a thick and broad form in the various departments back and forth shuttle, his words are not so much, not in front of the computer doing the operation, is for the hospital information system for colleagues doubts, he is District Hospital Computer Information Center Director Zhang Bin.He joined the Mentougou district hospital in 2000, the family, has been engaged in the work of the information center.

For more than ten years, he has always regarded " Do what is right before you do everything, and diligence is the first thing" as his own code of conduct.When he first take office at the hospital, he went to study and consulted with the department of science and technology in order to fully understand the problems and problems of the clinical first line, and to communicate various system problems with the staff of the department to find a solution.We remembered that he had been working for a year, and because of the transfer of the department staff, he was responsible for all the work in the microcomputer room at that time. He had no time to rest and ate ,so all his Dining and Housing were in the hospital.Regardless of day or night, the hospital system as long as there has a problem, if you give a call he will come soon ,he was on call, so he worked all most was more than six months.

Whether it is 2003 SARS, or a 2009 flow, as non-medical staff, he always stick to the first line in the work.In the year 2009,when establishment of a stream in Junzhuang hospital ward,our hospital was no ready information support system.He built a stand-alone hospital information system using his skills,in order to solve the patient's medical insurance reimbursement problem,which is In a timely manner to solve the flow of information flow ward

Since the hospital reform in 2010,the hospital has entered a new stage of development,the advanced management method of ,hospital puts forward higher requirement for information construction.He is head of the Department,facing the hospital, the existing informatization construction is poor, the equipment is backward and the staff in the Department is low.He has the courage to face challenges and actively explore and innovate.He led his colleagues in the Department to overcome various difficulties and efficiently completed the work
He worked hard with his colleagues ,the hospital information system consists of only a simple system at first ,development now covers several major systems,an integrated model of dozens of modules,electronic medical records system has been gradually established,laboratory information system,hospital level PACS system,remote image consultation system and so on,Mobile Nursing,remote ECG,could such severe system is also promoting the construction.

Nowadays, information technology has become an indispensable part of hospital development.Comrade Zhang Bin has won the recognition for his steadfast work attitude and excellent work performance, and has won many honorary titles such as " excellent communist party member "," advanced individual ", " technical innovation pacemaker" and " excellent service pacemaker ".

" if you want to be abandoned by the times, you only have to keep moving forward ", this is what Zhang Bin often said a word.Although he has received many honors and achievements, he has never stopped before.The very beginning mind itself is the most accomplished mind of true enlightenment.It is his constant request to himself, he always adhere to his original work faith, quietly for the regional hospital information process escort!