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Tan Lei

NAME:Tan Lei

THE HOSPITAL:Jian Gong Hospital

Tan Lei,Jian Gong Hospital, director of cardiovascular surgery,Supervisor nurse,after graduation in 2002 has been in the Palace Hospital of cardiovascular care in the professional work.In this ordinary post,she is like the spring breeze, like the swallow,at every moment between the wards,with good care,is soothed the patient's anxiety,bring warmth to the patient with his own silent dedication.

As the head nurse of the department, she focused on strengthening the business ability construction of the nursing team, and put it on the improvement of the whole nursing team level.Thoracic and cardiovascular surgery,It's a very special department,which mainly the patients with cardiothoracic surgery and the life of the elderly patients in the department of cardiology.These patients may be in a sudden change, but in her experience, only two years of nurses can independently assume the care of patients after cardiac surgery, so that the postoperative care of critical patients can be effectively carried out.

In the department nursing management, she makes full use of the limited nursing resources, the greatest extent to mobilize the enthusiasm of the nurses, the nurses in their own departments are like the family.When the nurses make mistakes, she always takes the lead in self - analysis, finding the loopholes in the management links and correcting them in time, instead of shirking responsibility and blaming others.When some nurses work well, she will praise them in the department meeting in time, and encourage them to continue their efforts. She herself always set an example, and inspired by the power of example.

In the late night of 2015, when people were already asleep, a hurried figure in the corridor came running towards the ward.It turned out that she had received a telephone call from colleagues and had an emergency heart attack for patients with acute myocardial infarction and ready for emergency coronary artery bypass surgery.She hurried from home to the hospital without a word.When the patient returned to the intensive care unit from the operating table, it was more than six in the morning.She didn't stop at all, and continued to invest in intensive care unit in postoperative care work, to guide nurses to adjust ventilator parameters, do good airway management, coordinate bedside blood filter, and so on.The morning sun rose, and no one could see that she had been awake all night, even more unaware that she had just turned three years old and had fallen ill, and that her own physical strength had been severely overdrawn.

 Nursing in cardiothoracic surgery is trivial from the heavy patient rescue, the custody of the patient to be responsible for the patient's eat and drink, roll - over, roll back, she is the first step.When the dying life was saved in her hands,When postoperative patients returned to the wards,When the healed old man hands over to the children of the children,There was a happy smile on her face,And she has long forgotten all the fatigue and hardship.

In the Bible, the angels of Ruthless burn their wings, bringing light and warmth to the dark world.Lights in the hands of the goddess of the lamp of life, but also because of burning the flame of love and never extinguished.Tan Lei compared himself to the grass, with ordinary work to weave extraordinary "angel dream";With love, patience and perseverance to add luster to this sacred profession.